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Welcome on the website of Africa Peace Caravan.

Africa Peace Caravan aims at promoting Peace and Freedom on the Continent, with an annual 4x4 trip accross Africa.

Next events of Africa Peace Caravan:

20/21st November: Arrival of the International Delegation in Addis-Ababa.

21st November: Peace Concert at Alliance Française in Addis Ababa.

Carola BodanowitzWith the performance of Mrs Carola Bodanowitz:

" My name is Carola Bodanowitz, I am born in 1959 in Berlin and I play music since my early childhood. I graduated form university in Cultural pedagogic with a major in Music from Hildesheim Germany.

I always were interested by different music instruments, but now since 12 years I have been specializing in playing the harp, which I learned by myself.

Next to traditional music from different countries, I also play my own compositions and do improvisations, in which I mix different cultural influences.

Music does not know cultural boarders. If I should have the honor to be allowed to play my music in foreign cultures, my matter of concern will be to tune into the different cultural surroundings and let so to speak, the breath of the public flow into the music in order to overcome cultural borders, mainly by means of the hearts: « from soul to soul ». I hope I will succeed in this."

22nd November: Departure from the Headquarters of African Union in Addis Ababa to Djibouti -One night in  Awash

23rd November: Arrival of the Caravan in  Djibouti - Welcome by the youth of Djibouti and other international representations settled there and by authorities of the Republic of Djibouti - Transfert to the Sheraton Hotel.

24th November: Breakfast at Sheraton Hotel followed by a visit of Musha and Maskali (islands) or the "Plage des Sables Blancs" (white beach) - Lunch or cool meal and transfert to Djibouti - Dinner at the Catering School of  Arta.

25th November: Breakfast at Arta followed by THE WALK OF 15 KM & 5KM - 2:00 pm. Lunch at Arta and dinner/party at Sheraton Hotel.

26th November: we would like to organize a visit at Assal lake (at about 157km) and after, we will come back at Sheraton Hotel for dinner with national meal "FISH or GOAT ".

27th November: After the breakfast, the Caravan and the delegation will go back home by their own  but there will be an option of staying longer for to discover more Djibouti but this is not included in the current schedule.

For further information , please contact Ali Liaquat. 


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